Hypnosis Fact And Fiction

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By Danny A. Cabrera C.Ht.

Hypnosis Q & A | Now, Voyager Counseling HypnosisIt has been my experience, when I tell people I’m a hypnotherapist they tend to shy away from the subject or tell me “Oh don’t look me in the eyes?”, as they throw their hands up to cover their face and turn their heads away. They think I’m a Medusa or vampire, who has the power to turn them into stone or make them my zombie slave. This “Hollywood” or stage hypnosis image of hypnosis is truly not the case.

Hypnosis in reality is an American Medical Association (AMA) approved method of therapy. A person is placed in a relaxed state. In this state a person’s subconscious concentration becomes very focused. During this focused state the person is able to accept positive messages for change. For example, to cope with stress and anxiety, love weight, stop smoking, overcome phobias, relieve and control pain, lower blood pressure, change unwanted lifestyle patterns, or improve wanted lifestyle patterns, or a number of other life involving situations. All with the person still aware of what’s going on around them, safe and in complete control of themselves.

In short, instead of a mystical, mysterious spell hypnosis is simply a tool used to improve one’s life. Hypnosis can help YOU! Call today to set up an appointment, improve your life (602- 301-6551) The Mind Is The Greatest Vessel! Now, Voyager Hypnotherapy

Danny Cabrera | Now Voyager Counseling HypnosisDanny A. Cabrera C.Ht. is a certified hypnotherapist/counselor practicing in Phoenix AZ for over 19 years. He works in private one on one sessions as well as workshops/lectures helping people enhance their lives. To schedule an appointment, contact Danny here or call 602- 301 6551


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