Surviving The Economy Without Losing Sanity

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Economy | Now, Voyager Counseling HypnosisBy Danny A. Cabrera C.Ht.

The world seems to be in disarray.  Gas prices rise and lower never returning to a reasonable price, employment cutbacks, stock market all time lows. It seems we are living in a world of uncertainly. We can worry about everything. What excessive worrying causes many to do is enter into a panic state of being.  This of course causes our bodies to enter into a stress status.  Stress is one of the major causes of dis-ease. What can be done to prevent illness and disease?  Illness could put more strain into our lives, including financially. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! What can we do to not feel the panic?

To begin we must understand the harm panic can create, aside from stress.  When we panic our clear level of thinking goes out the window.  We do things hap hazard which leads to more problems.  Many fire rescuers, for example often find victims dead who could have easily survived had they not panicked.  During these poor souls panic they could not find easy escape routes thereby ending in their demise.  No one wants to end up this way. You don’t have to.  Know you must and can prevent panic in yourself.

To help prevent panic, know you have more control over situations in your life than you may have realized. Granted the state of our economy is in a dire condition.  However it is not the same as being in a real fire.  This difference can afford you time to analyze your personal situation and make better decisions. Choose to take care of yourself and not let the world’s condition make you panic. There always is a choice.

Choose to have more humor in your life.  Humor is a fantastic way to alleviate the stresses in our lives. For example, watch more comedy over watching CNN 24/7.  You can keep abreast of the world without over stimulation of negative news.  Choose to return doing the things you love or make you happy. Allow yourself to live for today.  Our only true control is in this very day.  Remember today is a gift which is why we call it the present.

Start realizing all the things in your life you are grateful for. Begin to realize all the small to large things you are grateful for. Write them down. Keep a daily journal of gratitude.  Don’t take this too lightly. It’s more than just a Pollyanna glad game.  Studies now show by doing this, simple exercise; there is an impact on the brain to create the “happy” hormones. These hormones eliminate mental depression. A gratitude list is also a good tool to use when you want to manifest more good things into your life.

Take care of yourself first.  This may sound selfish at first but think about it.  There is a reason the airlines ask parents and caregivers to put the oxygen mask on themselves first.  When we care for ourselves first we are then better able to care for others. When money is tight or uncertain it’s easy to think we must deprive ourselves of caring for ourselves.  The opposite is true. This is the time we really should take care of ourselves first and foremost.  Get a therapeutic massage.  Make a hypnotherapy appointment.  What better way to care for yourself than to improve yourself. These are two good examples of caring for you in a positive way.  It may be interesting to learn that during economic shake ups the sale of alcohol, candy, and cigarettes go up.  Love yourself and take care of yourself in a loving way.

They say history repeats its self. Given this, we have to know the economy will take a turn for the better. The world for that matter will get better too.  Until then, Choose to be happy.Choose to be grateful. Choose to care for yourself.  Choose to keep your sanity!  See you at the end of the rainbow!


Danny Cabrera | Now Voyager Counseling HypnosisDanny A. Cabrera C.Ht. is a certified hypnotherapist/counselor practicing in Phoenix AZ for over 19 years.  He works in private one-on-one sessions as well as workshops/lectures helping people improve their lives.  To schedule an appointment, contact him here or call: 602 301-6551.


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